House Call Doctor in San Luis Obispo FAQ’s

| April 2, 2013


Will my insurance cover a  home visiting doctor?

Medicare will cover Dr. WinklerPrins to make a home visits for those patients who qualify.

Are you eligible for physician home care?

If you have difficulty getting to a doctors office, then house call visits are likely covered in the same manner as a regular visit to an office based physician.

How often does  doctor  WinklerPrins come out to visit?

Each patient is seen as medically necessary based on Dr. Minke’s  assessment and plan of care. Depending on your medical needs, visit frequency will vary. If you are sick and are experiencing issues, she will see you more often.  Whether you need her the next day or in a month, she will be there. When needed,  she will  get to your home for urgent needs.

What if I have to go to the hospital?

Dr. Minke WinklerPrins works with the local  San Luis Obispo area hospitalist services who would provide you with the care you need during the hospital stay. She will continue your care after your hospital stay.

Do you come out for emergency visits?


If  it is a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go to the emergency room.

Can I still see my regular doctor?

Minke WinklerPrins MD will assume the role of your primary care provider. She will  consult with any specialty providers you have as deemed necessary.

Does the doctor  WinklerPrins  see patients on the weekend?

Ordinarily, the Dr. Minke makes the initial visit Monday through Friday.  However, special arrangements can be made for a weekend visit.

How do I arrange to be treated in my home?

Simply call our office 805-547-1906 

Call now to arrange for a house call visit to be scheduled at your convenience.

You do not need any referral to use our services.




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