Care Coordinator

The SLO Home Medical Care Patient Care Coordinator is

Kitty Wilde RN

has over 25 years of clinical nursing experience
and more than 20 years of home-based geriatric case management.
She has expertise in electronic medical records management. Kitty
has experience coordinating care with major medical centers and is
Licensed  in Residential Care for the Elderly

The Patient Care Coordinator will:
• Start by creating your personal electronic medical record
• Coordinate personalized patient-centered care
• Oversee geriatric case management
• Support and educate family and caregivers
• Collaborate with patient, family and physician in a Team approach
• Provide patient navigation through the medical maze
• Coordinate with community support services
• Advocate for patient needs

Who pays for Patient Care Coordinator services?

• Patient Care Coordinator services are NOT covered by insurance or Medicare.
• The patient is responsible for all charges
• Payment is due at the time of service.

Kitty Wilde RN is accepting new patients in 2014.

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